We consider the environment and our impact on it in all of our choices. From the building materials and insulation, to renewable energy technology, to natural fibre flooring, right down to eco hand soap made in Hull, delivered, along with our fresh veg boxes from our local organic delivery coop.

The Garden

We have designed our city garden (to maximise the usage of the available space) to benefit people and wildlife, with a combination of sociable seating areas, plants and flowers, fruit trees and bushes, and raised beds to grow our own food to be shared at house meals.

We are working with a local organisation The Growers Network to co-design our raised beds with various permaculture principles and growing techniques to be a demonstration of the potential of growing in small spaces.


Communal LIVING


We incorporate communal and sustainable living ideals and practices. We believe in the importance of living communally and enjoy sustaining these living ideals and practices.

We practice holistic wellness, creativity, physical fitness and health. We have a culture of good communication, authenticity, laughter,sharing skills, occasional shared meals, support and looking out for one another.

The House and rooms available

We co-live in an Edwardian ‘sustainable eco house’ (as much as an old house in a conservation area can be!), ‘grow our own’ and value healthy living. We are looking for 2 new housemates. Rooms available… for more information see details

Events & seasons


Housemates are invited to share their skills and interests by offering groups/activities in line with health, gardening, connection and creativity.

We are developing one off and regular gatherings to celebrate our connection to the natural world, the seasons. Groups to include meditation, yoga, movement and pilates.

We value involvement with the local community – look out for our window display for The Avenues Advent Calendar and our garden at Avenues Open Gardens.

The ‘eco’ Renovation and Restoration

The spacious Edwardian terraced house was extensively renovated and restored in 2015 from a neglected ex student house with all its original features missing, to a warm, inviting, cozy home. Materials were reused, locally sourced and environmentally conscious, where possible, and local crafts people used instead of mass produced e.g. for the bespoke wooden kitchen.