This is a new intentional co-living community for 4 people; currently with two members and looking for 2 more.

We are looking for long-term members but shorter-term tenancies are also welcome.

The owners have set up the house with the intention of the tenants living along the lines of permaculture principles – earth care, people care, and fair share.

It is a privately owned house within which the tenants will rent a room with an individual tenancy agreement (which includes ALL bills) organised through a local estate agent. The available rooms are £425, £450 and £475 per calendar month. Rent doesn’t include food.

This is an ideal opportunity for people who want to make the first steps into co-living and community, or someone who enjoys living in community but doesn’t have the time to dedicate to the full process at this time in their life. The intention is to incorporate communal and sustainable living ideals and practices in a way that doesn’t need a huge time or financial investment up front.

The original tenant has an interest in co-living, green living, gardening and growing food and holistic wellness and has had experience of communal living and intentional community and would like to work with others to create a home where people look out for each other and intend to live with these principles in mind.

The intention is to experiment with communal living practices, with a house meal (ideally with some food we have grown in the garden) every couple of weeks, followed by a house meeting in which we check in with each other, offer support, communicate about any issues within the house, and decide upon anything that needs to be discussed with the landlord where necessary. The house was bought in November 2014 and needed extensive work.

The restoration of the house has been done as sympathetic and as low impact as possible, especially given its location within a conservation area.

Upstairs, the house has 4 bedrooms, 3 rooms to share two bathrooms (house bathroom upstairs and shower room downstairs). It is partially insulated and fully double glazed throughout. It has solid floor with underfloor heating downstairs, gas central heating upstairs and hot water and electric provided, in part, by solar panels.

Downstairs there is a kitchen with dining area and garden room/seating area with large doors and windows opening directly on to a small south-facing garden with raised beds for vegetable growing.

There is a living room with open fire and a yoga/meditation room with open fire and wood floor.

Hull was the British City of Culture in 2017. There will be lots of creative opportunities in the city. It is an exciting time and opportunity for the city and for those living in it.

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